PlayStation 2 5000x Replacement Shells

Yoei, the creator of the ‘Retro Is Cool’ replacement console shells has just opened pre-orders on PlayStation 2 versions.  At the moment, they’re only (fully) compatible with 5000X and 5500X models, however a future version will also be compatible with 3XXXX models.   These are due to ship to customers before the end of the year and you have a choice of Opaque White, or Transparent Black, White, Red or Purple.  The price is $99 and people who order before May 15th will get a free matching vertical stand as well.

Pre-Order Here:

While there’s other PS2 shells out there, Yoei has a history of releasing quality products.  If you’ve never experienced thin, brittle injection-molds, covered in swirls and defects, it might be hard to understand why you might want to spend more.  On the flip side, anyone who’s held a Yoei or Retro Game Restore shell, could immediately tell you the difference!  I understand if you’re on a budget, but if you’d like a shell equal to (or better than) the quality of the original and want to support a good creator, this is the one to buy.

Here’s the full list of items the kit contains:

  • Upper Shell
  • Bottom Shell
  • IR Receiver Windows
  • Disk Tray Panel
  • 2 Memory Card Slot Doors
  • Rear Power and Fan Panel
  • Expansion Bay Panel
  • 8 Foot Pads on Upper and Bottom Shells ( same color as the console shell)
  • 4 Plastic Pads on the Bottom Shell ( same color as the console shell)
  • Vertical Stand ( same color as the console shell. sold separately)

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