Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy Safe Romhacks has just posted a list of patches currently available that removes or greatly reduces full-screen flashing lights in certain games.  While this flashing effect may be annoying to some, it’s potentially dangerous for anyone who suffers from epilepsy.  Please check out all the current patches available:

I’ve always been a giant fan of romhacks and have used them for a wide variety of reasons:  Tweaks, bugfixes, cheats and enhancements are usually the first to come to people’s minds, but I’ve also always supported things like language translations.  While those might not be as exciting to some people, I truly feel they’re some of the most important hacks available, as it allows people from around the world to experience the games without any language barrier between them…and they can even be played on real hardware using ROM carts!

Hacks like this take things to an entirely different level, as it allows people who – due to an illness that’s absolutely no fault of their own – might have never been able to play these games, in fear of triggering a seizure.  Now, classic games like Zelda 2 and Mega Man 2 are a bit safer to try, although it’s always recommended that you consult your doctor before trying something like this.  Or at least having someone in the room with you, to help in case of trouble.

Thanks so much to people making these!

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