Perfect Dark’s New PC Port Is Lookin’ Good

A new fan-made PC port of Perfect Dark has just blasted its way onto GitHub. Based on the original 2000 N64 release, which was fully decompiled by enthusiasts late last year, this new work-in-progress PC port of Rare’s old FPS classic is shaping up very nicely. With no multiplayer, a lack of in-game options settings, and a few graphical hiccups, it’s certainly far from finished. But what it does have is very impressive, and it’s stable enough to where I found myself playing all the way to the Area 51 missions on Special Agent instead of writing this post.

Mouse and keyboard controls work right out of the box without any fiddling, and the default bindings felt surprisingly intuitive and natural. Fans of the 1964GEPD mouse-look mod for Project 64 should feel right at home kneecapping baddies to witness the majesty of Rare’s limb-based damage animations.

Make sure you’ve got a .z64 file of the game, and grab the latest release down below: