OSSC Firmware Update v0.90 (export fix)

Markus has just released a minor firmware update for the OSSC that fixes profile exporting issues.  If you use (or have been trying to use) the new firmware that lets you export profiles created on the OSSC itself – especially if you’re a Windows user – definitely update to this one.  If not, all other functions of the previous firmwares work well.

Firmware (choose ‘latest release’):
More Info:

While most people create the basis of their profiles from the web-based tool, after loading them on the OSSC, you still need to set phase for each profile.  You also might want to manually change a few things to fit your display better, or even create profiles right from the remote.  If that’s sounds like your OSSC usage, having a full backup of each setting is really handy and you should give this a try.

For more information on the OSSC, please check out the video below and the page linked above:

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