Ori 2 – Nintendo Switch 60fps Analysis

John Lineman from Digital Foundry has just posted an in-depth analysis of the Nintendo Switch port of Ori and the Will of the Wisps.  Overall, the port is extremely impressive and while you don’t have the detail of the 4K Xbox One X or PC versions, it still looks…and more importantly, performs well.

John was able to get an inside look a the tools the developers used to port the game, as well as the exact methods they used to keep the overall feel of the game, even on the significantly less powerful Nintendo Switch.  While I haven’t played the Switch version, based on this video, it seems that anyone who plays the Switch in portable mode will have the exact same experience as the other versions.  Even if you prefer to play on a big TV, the only thing lost is resolution.

I must say though, I was blown away at how good Ori looked rendered in 4K.  If your goal is to game on a big TV and you already own a 4K Xbox or PC fast enough, definitely get those versions and almost all of the launch day bugs seems to have been worked out.  If your only choice is a Switch (portable gaming), then this port is still an excellent choice!

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