Open-Source GDEMU Menu

Like it or not, GDEMU’s can now be found everywhere, at a cheap price.  The current version of the firmware and menu are (in my opinion) excellent, with only a few flaws.  Unfortunately, Neuroacid, the creator of the original GDEMU GUI hasn’t posted in a long time or released the source code, leaving the community with no way to fix these flaws.

A new project has been started to create an open-source menu for the GDEMU to replace the original and hopefully address some of the issues:

While it’s still in the early stages, I hope an actively developed, open-source solution will eventually become the norm for GDEMU users.  I also hope some of the first issues to be addressed are auto-sorting and the ability to only scan the SD when a new game is added, allowing for instant-boot each time.  Also, it was rumored that Neuroacid had finished, but not implemented a way to force anamorphic widescreen in games, right through the menu!  This feature works better on some games than others, but is a very cool addition for people gaming on 16:9 displays!


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