Omega MVS Review

Here’s a review of the Omega MVS from Arcade Works.  The Omega is essentially a custom case and “supergun” for a Neo Geo MV1C MVS motherboard that looks like it could be an official SNK console!

ArcadeWorks Omega MVS:
Shielded cable for ORIGINAL Omega Video Board:

RGB & Audio Upgrade Board (no composite or component video!):

RGB, Component and HDMI cables compatible with the new board (select Genesis 2 cables):

While the console is good, we felt there was room for improvement and designed an RGB upgrade board for any enthusiasts;  Basically, people with calibrated RGB monitors or people who use the OSSC with optimal timings will notice a quality difference, but probably not people with inexpensive scalers or consumer-grade CRT’s.  There’s also an upgraded audio circuit on the board with filtering that helps the Neo Geo be a bit less harsh.  Here’s some uncompressed FLAC files that demonstrate the difference – Make sure to use headphones (and see the bottom of this post for more filtering info):

If you’re interested in the upgrades found on the Omega’s motherboard, here’s links:

Neo BIOS Masta:

Check out the review on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute (below):

Here’s more info on the audio filtering.  Basically, the capacitors at C11 and C14 set the filter.  If you prefer the unfiltered sound linked above, simply remove those two capacitors (don’t bridge the pins or put anything in their place).  Alternatively, if you’d like more filtering, add 0603 capacitors that are higher than the current value of 75pF:

As always with audio, some people might say “they sound the same”, so here’s a chart that might better demonstrate what’s happening;  The higher the capacitor value, the earlier the roll off begins:

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