Nintendo DS Lite Composite Video-Out Mod Demo’d

Tito from Macho Nacho Productions recently posted a video of the open source Nintendo DS composite video out mod.  The video includes a short interview with the creators, as well as an installation tutorial and demo, in the typical Macho Nacho style.

Support Tito here:
NDSTV Github:

When I first heard of the NDSTV project, I thought it was an amazing find and truly appreciated the effort the Lost Nintendo team put into making it happen.  I didn’t realize it’s extra features though and assumed it’s gamer-based use would be to use it’s composite video out as it’s top screen.  While you can do that and that’s still awesome, this kit does much more!  You can easily flip which screen is top or bottom and even use a picture-in-picture mode.  After seeing Tito’s video, I see a lot more potential for this kit and can’t wait to see what the team does next!

If you’re interested in Nintendo DS video out, check out the livestream Tito and I recently did, using the Nitro DS Capture.  The first minute or so describes exactly what the device is, then the rest is just us casually playing NDS games;  If you’re a fan of Tito’s work, you’ll hear a bit about his background and video setup as well:

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