Nintendo Code Leak

It looks like there was a massive leak of source code, for many Nintendo consoles and accessories.  It appears the company that made the iQue was hacked and the info was stolen from them.

The information leaked spans from the N64 to the Wii era and could lead to some pretty cool developments, but with unfortunate legal repercussions;  Writing emulation based on code you wrote is completely legal, however the moment you include stolen code in your software, it’s now illegal and a target for a lawsuit.  It also asks two questions:  How could Nintendo prove you used their code and alternatively, can they claim legal emulators are using their code in order to force developers to stop development?

The sad truth in situations like this is usually whoever has the most money wins in these cases.

On a personal note, I (Bob) have been following this leak since the beginning, but didn’t feel it was right to post about it.  Once major publications started talking about it, the info is already out there, so I felt now was the right time to post this.  Apparently MVG felt the same way, as his video went live after mainstream publications had already posted it.


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