New NESRGB with DeJitter Integrated

Tim Worthington has just released a new version of his game-changing NESRGB kit.  Up until it’s release, most people assumed it would be impossible to get true RGB from a NES without using a PlayChoice-10 PPU; The “picture processing unit” or “video chip” from the Nintendo arcade machines.  While using those wasn’t a bad solution, the color palette wasn’t always the best fit for some games…and most importantly it required cannibalizing a Nintendo arcade board.

With this 2.0 release, Tim has included all the features from the previous version, as well as integrated the “dejitter” fix created by OSSC creator Markus that solves compatibility issues the NES had with many TV’s and capture cards.



Please note that with the 2.0 release comes newer firmware that’s not compatible with previous firmwares, or color palettes.  Tim is including the Sony CXA Palette, FirebrandX’s “smooth” palette and the YUV palette, which is apparently very accurate to PAL consoles.  All in all, I think it’s a great set to ship with, but I’d certainly like to see as many options available as with the previous firmwares.

Make sure you have a good desoldering gun, otherwise the install will take forever!

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