New Mod Gives the Pioneer LaserActive both RGB and S-Video Capability

@Zaxour released a very cool kit that adds both RGB and S-video output to the Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive system called the CDL RGB SV mod.  This is a no-cut mod that taps audio, RGB, and Y/C signals from the respective boards inside the LaserActive.  The mod is housed in a tastefully designed and inconspicuous 3D printed box installed on the rear panel of the console.  Both RGB and S-Video are accessed utilizing two separate DIN connectors.

Now it must be noted that RGB output only supports video coming from the game PACs (both Sega and TurboGrafx/PC-Engine PACs are supported) and does not display LaserDisc movies.  On the other hand, S-Video will only support LaserDisc movies but not the game PACs.

One slight shortcoming for S-Video is that all the overlay graphics when playing LaserDisc movies, such as Play, Rewind, and FF, are unfortunately not visible.  Those functions still work just fine, but they will not pop up on screen like they do when using native Composite.

Additionally, Zaxour developed a kit for the Pioneer Sega PAC (PAC-S1 and PAC-S10) called the PAC Attack which improves the audio signature of the PAC by bringing it more in line with arguably the best sounding model 1 Sega genesis, the VA3. When used in conjunction with the CDL RGV VS mod it sort of becomes like the triple bypass but for the LaserActive which is awesome!

If you’re interested in picking one up you can sign-up for it on a Google Doc linked in the Twitter post below.

To find out more about the kit, check out the video linked at the top of the page which goes over the installation process and features of the CLD RGB SV Kit.

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