New Game Boy Platformer – Tales Of Monsterland

BitmapSoft is opening pre-orders on a new platforming adventure game for the original Game Boy DMG called Tales Of Monsterland.  The game was created by developer Joel Jarman and is due to ship about two weeks after the pre-orders are closed (so about two months from now).  Two editions will be available:  One complete-in-box standard edition with cartridge for about $55 and 50 limited “Dark Edition” collectors box sets will also be sold for around $100.

Preorders open on Saturday 11th September 9AM UK time (4AM NYC time):
Standard Edition:
Dark Edition:

I’d like to point out that this game appears to be completely finished, with the pre-order money being used to fund the run of production.  If this is true (I can’t see why it wouldn’t be), it means you’re paying to support the hardware development, not the software.  While I almost never have a problem supporting either, it does mean that any delays in shipping would most likely be related to manufacturing, as opposed to the dev’s running into a major issue with the game’s code…basically, it means there’s less of a chance of your purchase being delayed for a long period of time.

Also, as usual, I really appreciate when a company takes the time to create both a standard and collectors edition.  While I always admire the artwork and detail that’s put into many special editions, I usually just prefer to buy the basic game.  Alternatively, I know many collectors that love owning the limited versions and are happy to spend the extra money.  With choices like these, everyone wins…as long as the cartridges are made correctly 🙂

I do hope a rom of the game is also offered, as many of us still prefer to play on Everdrives, or the MiSTer.  Either way, I’m happy to see another cool-looking game be released for a classic platform and I hope the game is as good as it looks!

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