New eBay BVM / RGB Monitor Scam

I just received a unfortunate call from savonpat, aka Pat the BVM tech.  Apparently, there’s an eBay seller trying to scalp junk BVM’s for an extremely high price and claiming that he’s “partners with Pat” and has been using Pat’s pictures as his own in these auctions.

Pat has assured me that he is most certainly not affiliated with this person and feels bad that his name continues to be used in these auctions.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people steal Pat’s pictures, or claim that a monitor was worked on by Pat, just to try and jack the price up.

As always, try to be as safe as possible when purchasing an RGB monitor.  I made a “tips” video (below) for people to help prepare themselves for the kind of scams they might encounter and you can add “Pat fraud” to the list.  On the flip side, remember that there are still good sellers out there who are just looking to make a fair profit on good equipment, not scalp junk!

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