NES Toploader Mini Din RGB Replacement Rear Panel 3D Printed No Cut Mod

I got the idea to do this particular back panel when I saw some posts from Voultar. I picked of some of the readily available 8 Pin Mini Dins that are meant to be PCB mounted and decided to look for a solution to mounting them. I sent a working unit off to Voultar to test out, and he was impressed by it.

This rear panel cover comes in three versions
Only Mini Din
Mini Din plus palette switch
Mini Din plus trss jack

The mini din is held in with a simple slide on U shaped clip, making it easy to install the din after wiring it up.

This is not a new idea for replacement back covers, several Multiout style covers exist already, I am even working on another one to add to that pile. hopefully this helps people who need a mini din instead for their setups.

In addition to the printed parts you will need some extra parts

Mini din Search for Mini 8 Pin Circular DIN Connector
5.5×2.1mm barrel jack to fit the NES search for 5.5×2.1mm pcb 2 pin the side pin can be lifted and cut off to make them work
Palette switch search for 2 Position Terminal SPDT Latching Mini Toggle Switch
TRRS Jack search for 3.5mm trrs jack panel mount and get one that has a hex nut to fit the part

Print with the top to the bed, it will need supports for the screw holes and for the square power hole, but nothing major.

3D Print files can be downloaded here:

Pre-Made Versions can be purchsed from the main store at:


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