NES Savestates Added to MiSTer

Developer Robert Peip has just implemented savestates into the NES core, for the MiSTer FPGA project.  To get this feature, simply update using your favorite script;  Mine is still update_all.  You can also try setting up remote updating, if you’re a fellow IT nerd!

To access, simply toggle the MiSTer menu while in game, then choose to either save or restore your state.  There are multiple slots available as well.  Also, there’s an option to save your states to SD:  Almost everyone will want this on, as you can back up and restore your saves from the MicroSD card.

If you’d like to try restoring and sharing savestates, here’s one from Legend Of Zelda;  You’ll need to rename “LegendofZelda” to the exact name of your rom and make sure to leave the “_1” at the end, to signify it’s the 1st save state slot.  Or, you could change the number and add it to a different slot I guess.  As a note, it’s at the 1st dungeon, with nothing else done in the game:

Savestates are also available for the Game Boy and Atari Lynx cores.  While we can’t keep up with all the amazing additions to MiSTer, I wanted to mention this for anyone – especially content creators and speedrunners – who’d like to enable and trade states!

More info:  /


…oh and doesn’t the above screenshot of the NES core look awesome in 5x mode?  🙂  I LOVE that MiSTer can do that now.  Here’s why:


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