Neo BIOS Masta VMC Back In Stock

Brian Hargrove has just received stock of his Neo BIOS Masta VMC products.  These devices allow Neo Geo MVS consoles without a memory card slot a way to “virtually” save onto this expansion board.  The save aren’t transferable like a normal Neo Geo memory card, but at least the option is there.

It’s my personal opinion that if you’re looking to install a UniBIOS anyway, this is the version to get.  Unlike AES consoles, MVS’ handle saves a different way, so even MVS ROM cart users won’t have the ability to save on the cartridge, only this, or an original memory card slot that’s been hand-wired in.

The following motherboards are compatible:

  • MV1B
  • MV1C
  • MV1A
  • MV1FZ

Installation of the “VMC” version is the same as the standard Neo BIOS Masta and requires a mod to the MVS motherboard.  While the mod itself isn’t very hard, please be careful, as the pads on MVS motherboards are notorious for pulling off, so be extra gentle when lifting pins for the original BIOS!  I’m pretty sure this mod also requires a UniBIOS for the VMC part to work, but when mine arrives, I’ll test and confirm.

Generally speaking, people who prefer original carts like the flexibility and features the UniBIOS offers, but people with quality ROM carts already have almost the same functionality built in.  People with cheap x-in-1 carts, generally have issues with the UniBIOS, but it’s the fault of the cheap multicart and those can potentially have other serious issues as well.

More information and ordering info can be found here:

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