N64 Digital Deep Dive Featuring PixelFX

I recently had the chance to sit down with all three members of PixelFx – Dan, Christof and Woozle – to discuss their first collaboration, the N64 Digital HDMI mod.  We went through every option currently available and got to hear directly from the creators about how each feature works.  If you wanted to know everything about the N64d this is a must-watch, as even if you already own one, new features were just added and there’s probably a few existing ones you didn’t realize were even there!

PixelFx Website:


On a personal note, we were running late and short on time, so I jumped right into the feature analysis.  I consider the PixelFx team friends of mine and they’re all well-known retro hardware creators that need no introduction, but I did feel bad just jumping right into it.  We eventually did an “intro” at the end, but if you’d like to learn more about this awesome team of developers, check out the individual interview’s I’ve done with them over the years, before they joined to form PixelFx.

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