Morph Pre-Orders on 11/24

Pre-orders will open on the Morph scaler this Friday the 24th at Midnight EST.  It appears the HDMI-only version will be the only one available, however the “analog bridge” expansion module will be available next year.  Their page also states that the PCB’s are still in production at the factory and the ship date to customers will most likely be Q1 2024.  There’s a discounted “Black Friday” price of $350, with the regular price being $400 for the HDMI-only version:

Quick demo:

UPDATE:  Matt Buxton from Video Game Perfection has posted the first footage of the Morph powering up.  This is simply a “check it out, it works” video, NOT some deep-analysis.  I think that’s all people really needed to show this was a working product, ready for launch and I’m happy he did.

After checking out their screenshots, it seems my previous speculation was correct:  Expect a scaler that’s essentially like their RetroGEM/N64 Digital, that scales to 4K instead of 1440p.  If you liked those products (and in my opinion, they performed VERY well), then this should turn out to be a good option for the right use case.

Hopefully we’ll see some real reviews soon.  I think we really need lag test results (which should be easy, since Dan and Christof invented the Time Sleuth), plus the side-by-side examples they love mocking so much to really show why people should buy this over other options.

I mean that in defense of the Morph, not against it:  Their marketing should show people why they should buy this over the OSSC Pro, mClassic, or 4K Gamer Pro.  Their team tends to pull ideas from my posts anyway, so hopefully they’ll use these ideas and present people the right info:

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