MiSTer ‘LL Cool Joy’ Ultra-Low-Latency Controller Board Update

ElectronAsh has named his in-dev MiSTer FPGA Multi-Console native controller board add-on the LL Cool Joy. LL for low-latency.

He has also merged it with the USB board to create an elegant two-in-one solution that will cut down on the number of boards to buy, and reduces the size of a complete MiSTer setup.

LL Cool Joy v1.0 Features
6 USB Ports
2 DB15 Ports (Arcade & Neo Geo MVS/AES/CD)
2 DB9 Ports (Genesis, Atari, etc)
2 RJ45 Ports (MC Cthulhu pinout), for connecting virtually any controller ever made via cheap custom dongles
DC Power Input
ATMega updating via DE10-nano

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