MiSTer FPGA Updates – PSX, Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar Core News and More

PlayStation Core CDDA Audio

CD DA audio has now been implemented on the Mister PlayStation core. CDDA is a CD format that has audio tracks that can be read in a standard CD audio player. These tracks can now be played on the PSX core.

CHD files support is also being worked on. You can use CHD’s to compress your PlayStation disc images into a smaller fil, thus saving you space.

Atari Jaguar Updates

Kitrinx has given an update on the status and the challenges with creating a Jaguar core. In the MiSTerFPGA forums, it is said that all the main chips on the Jaguar are implemented but some idiosyncrasies in the hardware still need to be figured out. Also, the core right now requires 2 RAM sticks and it is unknown if a single stick can be supported.

Sega Saturn Updates

srg320 has given an update on the Saturn core. Fixes and updates to VDP1, VDP2 and the SCU have gotten a lot more games running. He also has arranged the way the data is sent to both RAM sticks in a way that will probably help the core work with only 1 RAM stick.

Jotego Updates

MiSTer core developer has released a Midnight Resistance core to his patreon subscribers.
He also gave us an update on what he will be working on in 2022. His plans are doring work for:

Neo Geo Pocket
Gradius 2
Sega System 18
Mortal Kombat
Atari Jaguar

Deco arcade core that runs Robocop should be done by March and the System 16 core should be finished this year too.

Toaplan bootleg shcematics are done but no core development has started.

PGM and CPS3 core development will take a while to begin. In 2022 the extraction of the schematics will be done, and core development will start in 2023.

Jotego will still swt aside one week per month to maintain and bug fix his current cores.

New Gremlin Blockade Core

A new arcade core has been added. It’s for Gremlins Blockade hardware and the core was developed by Jimmy Stones. This was an arcade board from the 1970’s. The game blockade was actually the first of what are commonly known as snake games today. So this arcade board does have some historical significance.

Custom Boot ROMs for Different Cores

I previously reported about a custom Sega Master System boot screen that was themed after the MiSTer FPGA project. Little did I know that the creator uberyoji also created boot roms for other cores. There are boot roms available for:

Turbografx 16
Sega Master System
Sega Genesis

Other Small MiSTer Updates and Fixes

And other cores receiving small updates and fixes are:

Arcade Astrocade
ZX Spectrum, ZX Next, TSConf, ZX81, PET2001,
C64, C16, VIC20, MSX,
Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy, SMS, ColecoVision, Minimig, X68000