MiSTer FPGA News – Controller Adapters, N64, Splatterhouse & More

RetroZord/Reflex Adapt

If you’re using a controller adapter based on Sonik_br’s RetroZord design, a new firmware will be released soon.
This release will feature:
User selectable output mode between xinput,switch,ps3,dinput.
Rumble with xinput.
Analog triggers on xinput and ps3.
Negcon and Jogcon will work on all output modes, but spinner is only on dinput.
Also, while not tested, the adapters should now support up to 5 controllers on switch, ps3 and direct input mode, but xinput will still be limited to a single controller.


Total Carnage

Atrac17 posted an image of Total Carnage’s test menu running on the MiSTer FPGA. Total Carnage is a twin stick shooter arcade game from the 90’s and it will be a great addition to MiSTer.


Retrofrog case

Retrofrog has released the 3D files to his small console style MiSTerFPGA case. This specific one doesnt use the standard USB hub plate, but uses a cheap 4 port USB hub.



Hans Baier updated us that MiSTex with the Pi Zero is now working on an FPGA chip and posts a picture of it running the qbert core.

MiSTer hardware vendor, Antonio Villena. has made a Pi Zero adapter board for his Artix 100T FPGA device that gives it MiSTex compatibilty. However, there are still DDR memory issues that need to be solved. This device currently has no MiSTer compatibility, but with this adapter it can help bring MiSTer cores to it.


Laserbit Controller Adapters

There are now more low latency options for playing with original controllers over USB. Laser Bear Industries now sells 2 player adapters for the SNES and the Sega Genesis controllers. These adapters are based on a custom daemonbite design.


Jotego Updates

The Splatterhouse core work still continues. The thing holding it back is the MCU chip that needs some new instructions added. Thanks to the ongoing MCU work, the Bubble Bobble core has been improved and future work on improving Double Dragon will also be made.


Nintendo 64

The N64 core can now run Pokemon Gameboy games with the TransferPak in Pokemon Stadium. You can either use real N64 peripherals through SNAC or just use the emulated transfer pak within the core.

The core has also had improvements to text, color and blending.

There were also more graphics bugs fixed in the RDP that helped with the poison water in Diddy Kong Racing and the sprites in Dr Mario.