Mega Man: Wily Wars Official Sega Genesis Release

Retro-bit is opening pre-orders for the first official US cartridge release of Mega Man: Wily Wars for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.  The game is a 16-bit reimagining of the original NES 8-bit titles, with updated graphics and sound.  Basically, think “Super Mario All-Stars” for the SNES, but done with the Mega Man games.

Pre-order here for $70, until Monday June 21st:
More info:

While the game’s ROM has been available for a long time now, there were often issues with which version you used and how you were playing it:  Most ROM carts wouldn’t work with the save feature unless you patched it and you’d often find the 50Hz PAL version, which didn’t run at the right speed on NTSC machines.  Buying this copy means you’ll never need to worry about which ROM you’re using again:  Just plug in your cartridge and start playing!

Also, the PCB was designed and tested by René from db Electronics.  That’ll ensure we all get a high quality board, with a beveled edge and hard gold pads…and of course, it’ll run at the proper voltage!

All the normal goodies collectors love are in this release as well:  There’s a reversible sleeve for the main case and also a reversible outer cartridge sleeve.  It also has an instruction manual, stickers, a “certificate of authenticity”…basically everything a modern-retro collector normally demands with stuff like this.  I’d personally have liked to see two versions:  A “Collectors Edition” at $70 and a standard boxed edition at $50, for those of us who want the full original experience of a case & manual, but don’t need any of the extra frills.

I’m still buying it though!  Also available from Limited Run Games and Strictly Limited Games:


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