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Mega Man: The Wily Wars will Finally get its U.S. Release on the Sega Genesis

Over two decades after its releases in Japan and Europe, the Genesis version of Mega Man: The Wily Wars will finally see a physical release in North America courtesy of Retro-Bit.  The game, which is a compilation of the first three NES Mega Man games souped up with 16-bit graphics, only saw a limited software release in the U.S. through the now defunct Sega Channel in December of 1994.

Once the Sega channel was discontinued, most people lost legal access to the game. Pirated “reproduction” copies have been readily available for years, but they are usually based on the PAL release patched to run at 60Hz.  In addition, many of the repro carts can’t save or have other issues.

The game will come in a collector’s edition with extras which are yet to be announced.

Retro-bit has yet to confirm if it will be the original ROM or if it will be modified in some way.


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