Mega Man II Ported to SNES

Developer Infidelity has just ported Mega Man II from the NES to SNES – A follow up from his previous work on Mega Man IV.  This was all done manually in hexadecimal, without relying on (awesome!) software like Project Nested.  Everything should look and play the same, but without the flicker and slowdown you’d get on the original NES.  The sound might be a bit off, as the SNES sound chips are slightly different, however an MSU-1 version is in the works that should allow the exact original soundtrack, as well as remakes!  Here’s links to the (free!) patch, as well as a livestream demoing the game:


I’ve been seeing a lot of people confused as to why these patches exist;  Porting this game to the SNES reduces the sprite flicker caused by an NES graphics limitation.  And there’s much less slowdown when lots of enemies are on-screen.  Plus, if you’re a fan of using original hardware, you can get RGB output from a SNES, where the NES requires a complicated and expensive mod.  Also, this opens the doors for someone to do a full graphics / audio replacement mod, like with Super Mario Allstars.  And lastly, while The Wily Wars is a fun remake, it’s a bit glitchy and just doesn’t feel the same – This game feels exactly like the original we all know and love, just better.

I guess in 2023, with amazing forms of emulation, like the MiSTer FPGA project, complete reverse engineering of N64 code with HD texture packs and even modern methods being used to drastically increase the framerate of some SNES games, we’ve become spoiled.

So, if you’re asking “why bother” because you’re genuinely curious, I get it – Things are different now and you might not have realized some of the NES’ limitations.  No hard feelings and I hope this post clarified everything…

…but if you’re rude about it, go back and apologize – You look like a jealous looser who’s just mad you don’t have the skills to pull off what Infidelity did.

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