Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware Update v4.20

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the MEDPro, with quite a few tweaks and additions.  There’s a lot of focus on BIOS loading, which could really come in handy for people who play games across multiple regions.  For example, if you normally have a US Sega CD BIOS set, but want to launch a Japanese game with the Mega CD BIOS, simply drop it in the same folder as the game and rename it bios.bin.  This way each game can load with a custom BIOS, if you need them too.  More info and the full list of changes are below the links:

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Firmware Update Files:

There’s one other really neat feature:  You can also just load the different Sega CD BIOSes as roms, to experience the different startup music.  While this might seem silly, every time I hear the boot music of the US Sega CD 1, it brings me right back to when I mowed lawns all summer as a little kid, to save up for a Sega CD!  Also, I’d never even seen or heard the Mega CD startup until after I started RetroRGB, so if you’d like to know what each of those are like, now you can just boot the rom on your MEDPro!

Here’s the full list of additions and changes since the last update:

1) New cheats menu with text description for each code
2) Fixed SMS FM sound glitches (was already included in MEGAOS-V4.19-beta1)
3) Game Data menu. Jumps right to the saves/config folder of selected rom
4) Rom Configuration menu. Can change saves type and ROM region
5) Return from the system folder to the previous point instead of root dir
6) EFU installer support*
7) EEPROM save type assigned for “Turma da Monica na Terra dos Monstros”
8) If folder with cd-image contains bios.bin file, it will be loaded instead of regular bios
9) If the sms ROM folder contains the smsbios.sms file, then this ROM will be loaded along with this BIOS
10) Now can run cd-bios just like any other rom and enjoy the bios intro (yah, completely useless thing)
11) Minor changes in save states. Controller sniffer improvements

*Future OS versions will be distributed as single-file efu update.
Efu update can be installed right of the cart menu.

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