Loopy’s USB-C Video Capture Mod

Tito from Macho Nacho Productions recently posted a video highlighting the latest USB-C capture mod from developer Loopy.  This mod allows for both screens to be “streamed” to a PC via USB-C and can also charge via the same port.  The price is $120 for the kit, or $200 if you send your console to Loopy to have the kit installed for you.  TONS more info can be found in the video and a few more thoughts below the links:

Purchase Here:
Support Tito:

The mod itself didn’t look to complicated, however modifying the case seemed really tedious.  It would be awesome if case-makers in the community would consider making a 3DS replacement specifically for this mod, so everything can be dropped in.

I’d personally like to see a mod that lets you output to a 3DTV (remember those), or even a version of this that lets you play in VR or something.  I just think the 3D effect was often underrated and some games (certainly not all!) seemed so much cooler with the 3D effect turned on in full!

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