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Limited Edition Everdrive 64 X7 For Ukraine

Krikzz is releasing a limited edition Everdrive 64 X7 today that is limited to only 100 copies–all profits from the sale will be donated to the defense of Ukraine.


The Everdrive X7 is a wonderful rom cart that can load roms of the entire Nintendo 64 library very quickly, supporting both NTSC and PAL. It also has a real time clock, allowing you to play the original Animal Forest which wasn’t possible on the older versions of the Everdrive 64 or the recently released X5 version. There are all the other usual bells and whistles like dedicated save memory, being able to save without reseting the console, and a USB port for developers.

Krikzz listened to people’s concerns for this sale and is both limiting the sale of one (1) Everdrive per person, and starting the sale at a specific time–hopefully keeping scalpers from snatching all 100 carts up in a matter of seconds. The sale will start at 22.00 CET 25.05.2022; that is 3PM central standard time to give you a base for your time conversion. As a bonus all carts will also be signed and numbered!

Purchase the Limited Edition Everdrive 64 X7

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