Alex Mitchell

Krikzz Releases Multiple Everdrive Updates

(Update 24-03-10: Krikzz released a hotflix for the v1.06 Turbo Everdrive Pro firmware that fixes an SD card write bug.)

Following a recent update for the Mega Everdrive Pro last week, Krikzz has released updates for both the Everdrive 64 and Turbo Everdrive Pro. Most of the notes in both of these these changelogs seem fairly technical, but end users should notice a few differences.

For the Everdrive 64, we’re looking at some changes to the UI and fixes for few games:

  • Animal Forest (aka, Animal Crossing) should work now on MPAL systems.
  • The OS will recognize if you’re trying to run the Rev B version of Pokemon Stadium and disable its CRC check. This version of the game used to hang on boot because of the CRC check, so users don’t have to enable or disable this feature globally anymore.
  • If the ROM you’re trying to load doesn’t have a filesize that is divisible by 4, it should work now. I get the impression that this will mostly help homebrew developers, but it’s a welcome addition.
  • The ED64 system folder is now hidden by default and the random game menu has been removed, streamlining the user interface.

For the Turbo Everdrive Pro, things get a bit more technical. I’ll link to the official changelog here if you want to get in to the details, but these seem like the salient points for end users:

  • Improved SD card compatibility and stability.
  • Better compatibility with homebrew software.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Quick Save/Load feature to disappear.
  • There’s an audio level preset that should work well with the Analogue Duo.
  • The game data menu will jump directly to the Save/Config folder of the ROM you have selected.

If you own an Everdrive and want to find the most up to date version of its firmware, head to the downloads section on Krikzz’s website:

Download Everdrive firmwares here.