JagGD Pre-Orders Open!

James aka Saint from RetroHQ has just opened pre-orders on the Jaguar GD ROM cart.  The price is £151.00, which came out to about $190 after shipping:

There’s been a Jaguar flash cart available for a few years called the Skunkboard, but this is more desirable for many reasons.  First and foremost, the Skunkboard only allows you to flash one or two games at a time…and would require the Jaguar powered on and a USB cable connecting the Skunkboard to a PC.  To top it off, you’d then need to flash the games using a command prompt, as the GUI was buggy with current versions of Windows.  Clearly more of a “developer tool” than a ROM cart.

Alternatively, the JagGD works like a typical ROM cart and allows you to load a full set of games on an SD card and play from there.  There’s also support for more homebrew games and eventual support for JagCD games as well!

Between this, the 6-button controller and the custom overlays, a complete Jaguar experience on original hardware is now feasibly obtainable to enthusiasts.

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