Introducing the RetroTINK 4K

With the RetroTINK 4K coming out of an almost year-long private beta and now being publicly tested by some of the best people in retro, I felt it was time to do a proper introduction video.  I tried to concentrate on things I felt I could add to the conversation, while also promoting upcoming videos from Digital Foundry, My Life In Gaming, GameSack and Wobbling Pixels;  I figured I’d stick to what I’m good at and let them post great example footage.  Please consider supporting if you liked what you saw:

RetroTINK 4K:
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I’ll have tons more links below to everything mentioned in the video, but two more quick things to add here:  First, please consider supporting FirebrandX, as he’s providing totally free profiles to everyone in the community:

Next, I wanted to post unedited PNG’s from the “Link shots” in the video.  These are often scrutinized and many people use the YouTube video to form their opinions.  Sadly, YouTube compression ruins stuff like this, so please use the originals linked by clicking on these zoomed versions for any speculation – On the left (or top, depending on browser), is an original, unmodified 1CHIP Super Nintendo, connected via shielded RGB SCART cables, with FBX’s beta custom profile loaded.  On the right is MiSTer connected via HDMI in Direct Video mode, with nothing other than 10x scaling enabled.  Brightness and aspect ratio differences are most likely a result of more tweaking on the analog signal using FBX profiles – As shown in the video, the only thing done to the MiSTer DV signal was scale to 10x vertical (click for originals):

Here’s other stuff mentioned, in order of appearance:

Dreamcast Transparent Case provided by:

Airline Footage:

CRT’s On Wheels:


Neo Geo 240p Test Suite:

Why 1080p5x / 4K10 is almost always best:

HDMI Audio Extractor:

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