International Tower Of Power PSU Kit

Castlemania Games has just started selling power supply kits that support the full Sega “tower of power”:  A Genesis, Sega CD and 32x.  These kits utilize a single, Triad-branded power supply that works with pretty much all power types worldwide.  Just select which Genesis model you’re using from the drop-down menu and you’ll get a kit that safely powers all three from one single brick:

Purchase your kit here:
Links to other Triad PSU’s:

This tower of power set utilizes a Triad PSU that provides compatible voltage and more than enough amperage for all three consoles;  Remember that while voltage always needs to be within a compatible range, it’s perfectly safe to have a PSU that is rated at more amp’s than needed…the consoles simply draw whatever they need.  This set uses a PSU that is not only powerful enough, but should do so with no added audio or video interference.  If you’re looking for a PSU replacement, or simply looking to reduce the amount of power supplies in your power strip, definitely check these out!

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the Triad-branded PSU’s, at the moment, they’ve been identified as the best PSU’s for any classic game console with an external brick.  The consistency of quality and the number of experts who’ve painstakingly tested them have proved they’re the best replacement PSU ever tested…and in some cases, better than the originals.

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