How Project NESted Was Created

Developer Myself086 recently released a video describing how Project NESted works.  This is a pretty technical video that I imagine programmers would be interested in checking out.  If you’d like a more general explanation and demo of the project, please check out the livestream we did below.

Download the latest version here:
Compatibility list:
Support on Patreon:
More Info on patching games:
Playable on real SNES hardware with any ROM cart:

For anyone unaware, Project NESted is a way to patch NES roms to work on a SNES.  This is not something like a NES FPGA core for the FXPax Pro, this is a direct conversion of the ROM to look for the SNES’ hardware registers instead of the NES’.  The ROMs can even be patched for MSU-1 audio support, resulting in NES games with CD-quality soundtracks.  If you’re looking for a unique way to experience NES games, I’d absolutely recommend giving this a try.

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