Homebrew GameCube Ethernet Adapters

Tito from Macho Nacho Productions just posted a video showcasing the ‘ETH2GC’ – A homebrew ethernet adapter for the Nintendo GameCube designed by Extrems and Webhdx.  This adapter uses Swiss to trick the GameCube into thinking the ETH2GC is an official Broadband adapter, allowing net and LAN play on the much cheaper devices;  The ‘Sidecar’ version is $35 and the ‘Lite’ is only $15.  While this version of the hardware won’t be able to load games via RetroNAS, a “pro” version may be released at some point in the future that can handle the larger bandwidth.  Tito’s got all the details in the video and I have a few more thoughts below:

Webhdx’s Store:
Support Extrems:
Support Tito Here:
Original Adapter (paid affiliate link):

First, the ETH2GC won’t work with original discs – Some form of homebrew loading is required.  With tons of options available at all price points (check Tito’s other videos below for more options), this shouldn’t be an issue, but is worth noting.

Next, the ‘Lite’ edition of the hardware is open source and anyone is able to build their own.  The cable sticks out the side and you’ll have to mod it a bit if you’d also like to use the Game Boy Player hardware, however it’s cheap to buy and easy to build. The ‘Sidecar’ version allows for an easy fit with the GBP and routes the ethernet cable to the rear of the GC for a cleaner look.

Lastly, no configuration of Swiss is required to get the ETH2GC to work: Simply load the latest version of Swiss and it just works!

Overall, I love this project and am so happy to see much cheaper alternatives to the originals!  Here’s some of Tito’s other GC videos you might be interested in:

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