Guardian Force Arcade – De-Lag Patch Playable on Darksoft STV Multi AKA trap15 released a patch to cut down on some of the input latency built in to the Sega Titan ST-V Arcade game Guardian Force. GF is beautiful shoot ’em up, but suffers from 5-7 frames of input latency built in to the sloppy code. The patch removes 2 frames of lag from the code, making it much more enjoyable. And yes, I did just call it lag, Bob!! 😉

Sammargh interleaved the patch’s code changes with the Darksoft STV Multi’s Guardian Force, making it playable on the kit, and I released an update to my Roll-Up Pack to parse it in.

For a better understanding of what input latency is, see my video on RetroArch’s solution: Runahead Mode.