gswitches in stock

Superg has just posted that for the first time in a long time (ever?), both the gscartsw and gcompsw 8×2 are in stock and ready to ship:

gscartsw – $220:
gcompsw – $200:

The gswitches are by far the most sought after switches in retro gaming.  Both are 8-input, 2-output devices that provide simultaneous output, meaning two devices (OSSC & RGB monitor?) can be used at the same time.  They’re both fully automatic devices designed specifically to preserve the image and sound performance in video games.

The gscartsw also offers “sync regeneration” to compensate for some of the odd signals you’ll find with RGBs signals in retro-gaming.  This includes a fast way to “sync strip” that doesn’t shift the image at all, as well as the ability to convert RGsB to RGBs.  At the moment, the only console that utilizes that is the PS2, but RGB PS2 users who need 480p support will definitely benefit from that feature!

Not everyone will need those features and there are great-performing, cheaper devices available for people who need a more basic solution.  That being said, if you’re looking for the best, get one of these!

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