GrafxBooster Pre-Order’s Open

René from db Electronics will be opening pre-orders on his GrafxBooster tomorrow (March 1st) at noon.  Update: Pre-order’s open!

The price is $65 and shipping should be 6-8 weeks from the pre-order’s close.  All profits will fund René’s upcoming UMDv2 project and he’ll hopefully make those for sale someday as well.  Pre-orders will be here, once opened:

An official version of the GrafxBooster with a case is currently being sold by Stone Age Gamer under the name “Engine Block”.  It sells for $80 if you’d like one immediately:

Engine Block for PCE / TG-16

The Grafx Booster / Engine Block is a plug-and-play device compatible with TG-16 and PCE consoles (not Duo’s).  For more information, check out the video below!:


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