GCVideo Support Brace

Todd Gill has just released a design for a 3D printed brace that adds support for GCVideo plug and play devices.  This helps reduce the stress on the GC’s digital port that may be caused by the downward pressure of thicker cables connected to the GCVideo dongles.  Here’s links and see before for more info:

Purchase a brace (select which model from the drop-down):
Print your own:
Prism HDMI GCVideo Adapter:

The brace is a small device, designed to distribute pressure, while allowing the least amount of restricted airflow:

It works by clipping into the vent holes on the rear of GameCube.  This must be done before the GCVideo adapter is connected:

After plugging it in, it does block some of the ventilation, however the hole in the middle is placed to try and help.  While I haven’t done extensive thermal tests, I can’t imagine this would cause any serious heat issues:

Once it’s in, it will take a significant amount of pressure off the inside of the digital port and distribute it to the bottom of the case.  While there will sill some some pressure on the inner port, I feel safer having this installed – Especially if you’re using thicker HDMI cables, or the Carby Component as shown here:

Overall, its a small, but useful upgrade to anyone using a Prism, Carby or Carby Component GCVideo adapter.  I’d have much preferred not to worry about this in the first place though!  Hopefully the next person to make a plug and play GameCube adapter will take the time to design one that evenly distributes the pressure and doesn’t have the connector sticking out so far!

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