GCLoaders In Stock

The GameCube Optical Drive Emulator called the GCLoader has sold out within minutes each time a new batch has been released.  Luckily, there appears to be a new batch with quite a bit of stock available:

3D Printed SD Mount:

The GCLoader requires no soldering and is 100% plug & play.  There are a ton of screws holding the GameCube’s optical drive in, but this is definitely a beginner-friendly installation;  Just be patient while installing and take pictures of everything during each step to make reassembling easier.

Also, while you don’t need anything other than the kit, I strongly recommend getting a 3D printed mount from LaserBear (linked above), as it makes SD access much easier and provides a near-stock look every time you open the lid!  There’s also an option for “SD Storage” which is great for people who’d prefer to load their roms on multiple SD cards, rather than purchase one large, expensive one!

If you’re doing a full refurb on your GameCube, maybe consider a fan upgrade as well while you have it open?:

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