Dan Mons

Furrtek deep dive – Dumping the NEC PC Engine YUV table

Some time back I documented the timeline of a group of an amazing group of people who worked together to bring correct colours to PC Engine / TurboGrafx16 console emulation (for software emulation, FPGA tools like MiSTer, and hardware mods like the Super HD System 3 PRO):

PC Engine palette improvements – the amazing people behind the technology

A critical part of that process was hardware hacker Furrtek analysing images from a decapped HuC6260 chip from a real console, building custom software and using that to retrieve the information needed.

Furrtek has kindly detailed what went into that via this recent blog post, offering a fascinating deep dive into the tools and technologies:

Some great insights into the skills and techniques that went into these discoveries.  Ensure you follow Furrtek on Twitter for more regular posts of fascinating hardware hacking adventures: