FirebrandX M1 Mini Mega Boards In Stock

FirebrandX has just added stock of his Genesis Model 1 audio amplifier boards, called the M1 Mini Mega.  This board is an easy way to get really high quality stereo audio from a M1 Genesis, that’s a noticeable improvement over using the headphone jack/amp.

Ordering Page:
Installation Instructions:

Some features:

  • Designed to work on all YM2612 consoles with no compatibility issues to deliver crystal clear sound.
  • Resistor array custom-designed to improve upon the Mega Amp 2.0 by preventing even the loudest games from getting clipped or distorted.
  • Output designed specifically for line-level equipment like capture cards, TVs, and A/V receviers/amplifiers.
  • Designed to allow the M1 Double Mega toggle board to hook directly into it (when that board finishes prototyping phase)

This is a great adition for any model 1 Genesis fan.  My favorite way to get stereo from a Model 1, is to remove the RF jack and solder a Genesis 2-style MiniDIN (part number MD-90SM) upside down in it’s place; This way you can use the RF hole as a #nocutmod and output to a Genesis 2 RGB SCART cable.  There’s even a breakout board available for that DIN here, making it even easier!:

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