DreamPSU & SaturnPSU Design Files Posted

The creator of both the Saturn and Dreamcast aftermarket PSU projects has posted the design files for free on a Github page:

Unfortunately, in a post from last week on the Indigogo campaign, the creator of the project stated that after giving refunds to people that asked after the last update, he’s run out of money and has nothing left to give.  He also stated that he, as well as people located in China still aren’t able to get ahold of the manufacturer, so it’s safe to bet that the PSU’s will never be made.

More info and the full post can be found here:

OPINION:  I don’t know this person at all, have never spoken with him and know nothing about this situation that isn’t already public.  From my perspective, it seems like something that could have happened to any of us.  Maybe the manufacturer was a small firm that went out of business?  I can speak from experience that when something like that happens, this is the exact result:  Everything is gone.

Bottom line:  I (Bob) am choosing to reserve my judgement about Chris and the RetroPSU situation as a whole.  Who knows, maybe it’s all a lie and he spent people’s money on cookies and beer…but it certainly seems like he’s telling a plausible story that I’ve witnessed in a corporate setting, but never on a personal project.  There have been other situations in the retro gaming world where I absolutely place blame on the person/company who took people’s money and didn’t deliver, but in my opinion, this isn’t one of those cases.

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