DF Retro Mega Man 11 Review

John Linneman had just posted an excellent review of Mega Man 11:

He covers absolutely all ground, including variable input lag between versions!:

The main point here, though, is that Mega Man 11 offers excellent, responsive controls that are a perfect fit for the series – high-speed camera shots reveal that Xbox One X delivers latency of around 62ms, which is on par with the PS1 era titles and a huge improvement over the X Legacy Collection. Switch follows closely with a 68ms response, but curiously, PlayStation 4 pro is closer to 90ms – a full two frames slower to respond. It’s not a deal breaker but we are looking at input lag closer to a 30fps title than the full 60Hz experience that Mega Man 11 delivers.

There’s both a written review (above) and a full video review below:

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