Calibrating Geometry on a PVM

Steve from RetroTech has just posted a video about how to access the service menu and calibrate the geometry of Sony N-Series PVM’s.

WARNING:  Changing settings in the service menu of your PVM can have irreversible, unwanted effects on your monitor!  Please write down every setting you’ve changed, in case you need to revert back to previous settings in the future!!

While this video specifically shows the N-Series PVM’s, the same basics apply to all RGB monitors:  Find the button combination to enter the service menu, use the amazing 240p Test Suite to generate a grid pattern for the console and resolution you’re calibrating it to, set the center position and fill the screen.  Now, there’s many more settings that can be tweaked, but geometry is the safest to try, as even if your monitor needs a capacitor replacement, you’ll need to reset the geometry again anyway.  Once again, I’d be careful to make a note of every single setting you’ve changed and it’s original value.

For more videos on CRT repair and calibration, check out Steve’s other videos!:

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