Behar Bros Tease VGA Neo Geo Prototype

The Behar Bros have just sent us pictures of an upcoming Neo Geo prototype they’re working on with 480p VGA output!  This prototype uses an FPGA to linedouble the original signal directly from the DAC without a framebuffer;  This will keep the original refresh rate of 59.185hz to prevent screen tearing/stutter and also make it a zero-lag-added solution.

Other features include a dipswitch to enable scanline and blending settings, as well as a test screen enable.  In my opinion, a good quality VGA monitor with scanlines turned on does a very good job emulating the look of 240p on an RGB monitor.  Not as good as the real thing, but (once again IMO) better than scanlines on a flat-screen.  This MVS could potentially allow for an inexpensive, zero-lag VGA solution that’s very close of an experience to the original.

This will be released both as a DIY kit that only requires a MV-1C board, or as a complete, hi-end consolized MVS, featuring a high quality car painted metal enclosure.  The complete versions will include an original UniBios 4.0 with the Neobiosmasta board for easy and free updates (prototype enclosure shown).

The Behar Bros have also completed the design of their Saturn-to-Neo Geo controller adapter boards!  If you prefer the feel of a Saturn controller, would be the perfect companion for this project.

Pricing and availability will be released soon, as well as pictures of the finished design.  One again, the picture (and video below) shown are of the prototype, so you can expect a more polished design for the completed product.

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