Assault Suits Valken: Deluxe Edition

Retro-bit have just opened pre-orders on an official reprint of the Super Famicom game Assault Suits Valken, released as Cybernator on the Super Nintendo. This game is Japanese version, with a new English localization, presumably taken from the recently released Switch version.  It’s available to purchase for $60 as a complete-in-box game, or $80 as a collectors edition with some extras.  Pre-orders will only be open until November and they’re due to ship early next year:

NTSC Edition:
NTSC Deluxe:
NTSC Both Editions:
PAL Edition:
PAL Deluxe:
Original Valken:
Original Cybernator:

I think what makes this release interesting is getting an “official” version of the game with the updated English localization.  While sure, you can get the original for similar prices, you’d either have to play it in Japanese, or the alternate “Cybernator” version.  This seems to be a pretty cool, niche release that both collectors and gamers might be interested in.

And as-always, I appreciate just a basic CIB version – While I think all these collector’s editions are really cool, I just don’t have the space for it all.  Having the option to just buy a game similar to what we’d have gotten in the 16-bit era is awesome and I’m sure I’m not the only one who prefers those.

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