Artemio Launches MDFourier Audio Preservation Project

Artemio has just publicly launched a project called MDFourier that’s focused on preserving the exact original audio output of game consoles.  It works by using the 240p Test Suite software to generate a specific set of tones, which you can record with high-quality audio recording equipment.  You can then run that same software via emulation, or FPGA projects such as MiSTer and Kevtris’ designs and use the software to compare the two recordings.

This will remove the need for subjective comparisons and give us measurable data to tweak future solutions to match the original hardware.  Artemio has also joined the team working on the Sega Triple Bypass and has used this software to help us tweak the audio levels on all revision Genesis consoles to match original Model 1 Genesis / Mega Drive consoles.  That means anyone who installs a 3BPv2 (once complete) will get the exact same audio levels that Sega originally intended, regardless of console revision!

Here’s all the software and hardware we used for these tests, should you want to do it yourself.  Also, I’ve created a video detailing the process as well which is below.

Detailed (and awesome) Documentation:

Excellent Audio Hardware:

MOTU M4 USB Interface:
M-Audio AP192K PCI Audio Card (often hard to find):
RCA Adapters for 1/4 Inputs:

Budget Hardware – This is what’s shown in the video and still works great:

Lexicon Alpha Audio Card:
1ft Shielded 3.5mm Audio Cable:
USB hub that’s powered separately:
1/4″ to 3.5mm adapter (note below):
Audio Recording Software (we suggest 16-bit 48k recordings):

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