Arcade1Up Deal Finder

Justin from Console Kits (and RetroRGB!) has just created an awesome website that lets you search for deals on Arcade1Up cabinets.  Basically, just punch in your zip code and it’ll tell you where you can get the best deals on Arcade1Up cabinets, stools and accessories:

Justin’s always done a good job in his videos of demonstrating that while these items may not be for hardcore arcade enthusiasts, they can still be fun toys enjoyed by casual gamers.  Heck, there’s even the occasional release like Star Wars that’s considered pretty good.  At an average price of $300 though, these emulation machines are still not for most of us…

…but what about $75? or $50?  In my opinion, absolutely.  At such a cheap price, it’s worth it to hack, as well as just enjoy as a fun toy.  Or heck, even just as a neat looking thing to have in a game room!  Check out Justin’s videos below for more info and feel free to give the site a try!

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