Alex Mitchell

Analogue Updates Pocket Firmware to v1.0a

Analogue has released an updated firmware for their portable FPGA console, the Analogue Pocket. While this is more of maintenance and bug fix release—as opposed to the heralded v1.1 update that is intended to significantly mature the Analogue OS experience—it will be interesting to see if any of the timing changes noted in the changelog address the issues that some users are having with their Everdrives. Here are the rest of the notes from the changelog:

Pocket Firmware v1.0a:

  • GB: Bootstrap fix (LSDJ)
  • GBC: Noise channel fix (Shantae)
  • GB/C: Pitch issue on square 1/2 fixed
  • GBC: Slight timing changes
  • GBA: Slight timing changes (Napoleon)
  • GBA: Improved Original Display Mode
  • GG: Added region switch
  • GB Studio: Save fix with Force GB Mode
  • System: Rare controller / dpad stops working issue

My experience with the new firmware has been positive so far, and the improvements to the original GBA display modes appear to be significant. The issues that MLiG noted during their review (at around 19:00 in) seem to be resolved by my eye, after running the 160p Test Suite through its paces.

Don’t zoom in on this; it works better when you take a step back. The grid lines are much more even on v1.0a.