Aluminum Switch Lite Shells Are Back! Pre-Orders Open June 1st

Back by popular demand, the Aluminum Switch Lite Shells will soon be available in limited quantities very soon.  These are fully machined aluminum replacement shells for the Switch Lite that are anodized in either a silver or metallic black finish.

They will be available for pre-order on June 1st, and are expected to ship out mid to late June 2022.  I did a full installation video which can be found here:

I previously covered these shells in another RetroRGB article where I go into a bit more detail about the shells themselves so definitely check that out too.  Additionally, Bob of the YouTube channel WULFF DEN did his own review of the shells that you can check out here:

If you’re interested in picking up these shells, be sure to check out the Switch Lite Shell Product Page for more details.

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