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8bitdo releases DIY Modkits for PS1 & PS1 Classic

You can now add the Playstation & Playstation Classic controllers to the growing list of wireless options from 8bitdo.

For those not familiar with the DIY kits from 8bitdo, they essentially allow you to swap the internal circuit board of an original controller from a classic console to replace it with a new Bluetooth version of their board.

This allows for an end user to maintain the feel of the original controller while enjoying the benefits (and drawbacks) of wireless connectivity.

If your buttons and their membranes are in good working order, tactility should feel 100% identical.

Latency however, is a whole other issue.  Usually it’s low enough that most people don’t really notice it, but for speed runners, it would probably be best for them to stick to wired controllers.

There is also what I (Ray) consider to be a glaring issue with the original Playstation DIY kit at this time. Similar to their N64 offering (and Genesis / Mega Drive offerings until recently), the Playstation doesn’t have a Retro Receiver to pair with the kit.

In my opinion, that just seems counter-intuitive since that means 8bitdo’s own wireless option isn not natively compatible with an original console.

The original PlayStation isn’t compatible which the DIY kit.

This doesn’t apply to the Playstation Classic that does have its own USB receiver which in turn brings up another issue for 8bitdo.

All of 8bitdo’s receivers natively support PS4 and PS3 controllers. Both are already wireless iterations on the original Playsation controller.  Especially the PS3 Dual Shock controller, which is virtually identical to the original PS1 Dual Shock in design and feel. This makes the Playstation DIY essentially redundant unless you prefer a no analog sticks solution.

Another option for Playstation users are the wireless options for the PS2. These are generally 2.4 GHZ options from Logitech and Pelican that are backwards compatible. Of course, these aren’t as readily available, and may not be cheap.

For a modern option, Brook offers a Super Converter that allows for PS3/PS4 controllers to work on the PS2.  I haven’t personally tested the adapter on a PS1, but according to the Video Games New York Website, it is compatible.

Keep in mind that the 8bitdo options retail at $19.99 USD.  The Brook adapter comes in at $39.99 USD. There may be cross compatibility between the DIY kit with the Brook adapter, but until a reputable source confirms it, I would not automatically assume that it works.


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